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Our Model

A non-profit 501(c)3 established to acquire the former Timber Shores property in order to preserve the majority of the 200 plus acres - including 1,800 feet of valued lakeshore - as a public nature preserve for the community while utilizing upland sections to address some of the housing issues we face as a Township. 

Hybrid Land Trust Model

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Conservation First

After securing ownership of the property, our first steps will include studies and partnerships to identify features in the majority of the acerage that are of the highest conservation value and environmental impact. The 1,800 feet of shoreline hosts critical native fishery habitat along with acres of important wetlands, streams, and woodlands that are home to plants, birds, and wildlife.Further planning and community input will help determine optimal public access in the conserved areas.

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Attainable Housing

Our community is facing a shortage of workforce housing. Utilizing a hybrid conservation development model, select portions of the property could be developed to increase workforce housing for the community. Conservation development means balancing the preservation of the natural resources on the site with housing that is right-sized and sustainable.

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Community Input

New Community Vision is spearheading an exciting, more inclusive vision for  this 200+ acre property to benefit our community. Once New Community Vision is able to raise funds to finalize the purchase of the property, a process of community and stakeholder engagement will determine the mix of uses. New Community Vision will facilitate partnerships to achieve these uses.

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